Financial Health Review Team

At its February 16, 2016 regular meeting, the East Lansing City Council adopted a resolution appointing a Financial Health Review Team for the City of East Lansing. The team will look at the overall financial stability of the City and consider new revenue options.

As a first priority, the team will be looking at methods to address the City's unfunded legacy costs (retiree pensions and healthcare). The team will also be looking at available funding for infrastructure improvements, consideration of a Headlee override, standards that may apply to the granting of development incentives, the sustainability of City services and other means by which additional revenue can be generated to stabilize the City's finances. Learn more.

Work Groups

Six work groups have been formed, each consisting of three to six members of the Financial Health Review Team. The work groups include the: City Legacy Cost Group, Real Property Group, Development Incentives Group, Infrastructure Renewal Group, Citizens Communication and Services Group and Revenue Options Group. These work groups will meet regularly, in addition to the monthly meetings of the entire Financial Health Review Team. All work group meetings will be posted on the calendar.


Agendas will be available prior to the full meetings of the Financial Health Review Team. Archived meeting agendas and audio recordings can be found under Other Meetings.
View Current & Archived Agendas

Property Asset Map

The Property Asset Map (GIS) shows the City of East Lansing's assets (parks, centers, facilities).

Survey of Big Ten City Managers

The Financial Health Review Team gathered information from Big Ten city managers via a survey in an effort to identify City revenues and expenses directly related to co-occupancy with a Big Ten university. View the survey results (PDF).

Citizen Engagement Meetings

Community members are invited to attend two upcoming Citizen Engagement Meetings hosted by the Financial Health Review Team on Oct. 13 and Nov. 14. Learn more.

Resident Feedback

East Lansing residents with feedback for the Financial Health Review Team are invited to fill out an online form. 


  • Michael Moquin, Chairperson
  • Jill Rhode, Vice Chairperson
  • Douglas Jester
  • Aaron Harris
  • Ray Vlasin

  • Eric Scorsone
  • Robert Kleine
  • James Butler
  • Tricia Foster
  • Sue Haka
  • Jeff Hicks

Staff Support

  • George Lahanas
  • Mary Haskell
  • Jill Feldpausch
  • Joe Heffernan
  • Mary Schulz
  • Mayor Pro Tem Ruth Beier, Council Liaison