Park District Planning Area

The Park District Investment Group (PDIG) site plan and SUP have been approved for Building A and B. The Developer Timeline outlines past activity and upcoming meeting dates. 

The plans for Buildings A and B can be found on the Project Submittal and Communications page and the timeline of reviews for these projects can be found on the Developer Timeline and Attachments page.

Development Agreement Due Diligence Review 
The Downtown Development Authority has contracted with Clark Hill and National Development Council to provide a third-party legal review of the Development Agreement, Brownfield Plan and related financial documents related to this project. The legal review is the first report received and as additional reports are received they will be posted online. The financial phase of the due diligence is underway and the current draft of the financial review can be found here: Park District Financial Review (PDF).

Experts Weigh in on Park District Vision
Marybeth Graebert of the MSU Land Policy Institute recently wrote about the project. Read the article

MLive asked two urban planners what they would envision for the Park District Planning area project. Read the opinions of Mark Wilson, professor at the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction, and Zenia Kotval, professor at the MSU School of Planning Design and Construction.

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