Park District Planning Area

The Park District Investment Group (PDIG) has submitted plans for two projects and they are both in the site plan review process. Building A was referred back to the Planning Commission by the City Council at their 1/27 work session because of significant changes to both the uses within and the scale of the building which were made by the Developer. The site plan and special use permit application for Building B is scheduled for a City Council Public Hearing on February 3, 2014.

The most recently submitted plans for Buildings A and B can be found on the Project Details and Communications page, and the timeline of reviews for these projects can be found on the Developer Timeline and Attachments page.

Experts Weigh in on Park District Vision
Marybeth Graebert of the MSU Land Policy Institute recently wrote about the project. Read the article

MLive asked two urban planners what they would envision for the Park District Planning area project. Read the opinions of Mark Wilson, professor at the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction, and Zenia Kotval, professor at the MSU School of Planning Design and Construction.

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