East Lansing is a great place to start up, expand or sustain a business; and services offered through the City of East Lansing and its partners make it easy to get a head start.


East Lansing businesses can benefit from several financial assistance programs, including a Downtown Entrepreneurship Program and a Small Business Loan Program through the Downtown Development Authority. The City’s Downtown Management Board also provides matching funds to businesses, which can be used to advertise with local television stations, radio stations and print media during key times of the year.


In addition to financial assistance programs, the City has recently launched a new economic development website, which features a property locator, GIS and site selection features. It also opened the doors of a brand new East Lansing Technology Innovation Center. The Technology Innovation Center provides low-rent office space to technology-related startups in the region.


Within this section of the Web site, entrepreneurs will find building information, permit information, assessing information and information regarding current incentive programs for businesses. This section also includes a number of helpful links to regional sites.


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