Department Contact


East Lansing Fire Station #1, 1700 Abbot Road

(517) 332-1956 phone | (517) 337-1112 fax


East Lansing Fire Station #2, 208 W. Shaw Lane

(517) 337-7512 phone | (517) 337-5669 fax




Fire Truck
The East Lansing Fire Department provides many services to the City and Michigan State University which covers just over 20 square miles and a population of 50,000+. The ELFD mission statement is to "preserve and protect life and property through preparation, education and implementation."


  • Shared Public Services Initiative Capital Area Fire Study - Six area municipalities, including the City of East Lansing, have opted to work together to improve fire services in the region by working toward the principles included in Phases I and II.
  • Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall - Learn about the recent recall on smoke alarms.
  • Information on false alarms - A high number of emergency calls are in response to false alarms. Learn why false alarms are dangerous.
  • The East Lansing Fire Department offers educational tours to the community. Please contact the number above to make arrangements.



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