Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Development Authority LogoThe Downtown Development Authority develops programs and projects which are aimed at improving downtown East Lansing including new business development, business recruitment and retention, downtown beautification, public improvements, marketing and promotion.  Members must consist of commissioners that own or manage commercial property in the downtown and one member who lives within the DDA district.



Learn about DDA Committees:
Executive & Finance
Project & Infrastructure
Business & Market Development
Public Policy


Commission Members (4-year term, meets monthly, 11 members)  Term Expiration
 Peter Dewan, Treasurer  2017
 James B. Croom, Jackson National Life  2017
 Eric Rosekrans  2016
 Bill Mansfield, Chair  2016
 David Krause  2016
 Lynsey Clayton  2016
 Brad Ballein, Student Book Store  2018
 Colin Cronin, DTN Management Company  2018
 Douglas Jester, Vice Chair  2018

City Manager: George Lahanas (Executive Secretary)     
Council Liaison: Mayor Nathan Triplett
Staff Resouce: Lori Mullins, Community & Economic Development Administrator



Application for appointment to the Downtown Development Authority



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