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EAST LANSING, Mich. — With the state’s recent passing of a new bill that has legalized the sale and use of some louder, more powerful fireworks in Michigan, East Lansing residents are reminded that the noise they make may be a violation of the City’s noise ordinance.

The City’s noise ordinance (Ch. 26, Div. 3, Sec. 26-81) states that “the creation of any excessive or unreasonably loud noise which disturbs the comfort, repose or peace of others within the city by being plainly audible to persons within any dwelling, hotel, hospital, office or other type of residence other than that from which it originates” is unlawful.

Residents should be mindful that the East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) will respond to calls from neighbors who have been disturbed by excessive noise, including noise originated from loud fireworks launched in and nearby the City’s neighborhoods and commercial districts. Residents should also be mindful that a noise violation will be written as a misdemeanor offense after 11 p.m. in residential districts. Penalties and fines under this ordinance vary, however, misdemeanor fines include no less than $250 for a first offense, no less than $350 for a second offense and no less than $500 for a third offense.

“As the warmer months approach, we encourage all of our residents to be mindful and respectful of their neighbors when it comes to fireworks,” said East Lansing Police Chief Juli Liebler. “Despite the state’s legalization of a select number of more powerful fireworks, our local noise ordinance remains in place to protect the comfort and well-being of all community members. If complaints are made, we will be responding proactively to those complaints.” 

Community members can read the City’s noise ordinance in its entirety by clicking on “Code or Ordinances” at


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