About the TIC

Mission Statement: The mission of the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is to generate and advance the culture of entrepreneurship in the community and to expand the technology based economy in the market.


About: Located in the heart of downtown East Lansing, the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) facilitates the development of a technology-based economy in mid-Michigan and bolsters the area’s professional workforce. The TIC acts as a business accelerator for technology startups. It provides space and resources to start-up businesses, helping them to grow and prosper during their first three years, when statistically, business are most vulnerable and prone to failure.


The primary purpose of a low-rent shared office space is to cut down on the overhead costs of a small company, allowing early entrepreneurs to invest more of their money into their business. Tenants have a total of three years to graduate from the program. At the time of graduation, business tenants are encouraged to expand their business in East Lansing community and the Lansing region. During their three years in the program, tenants formally set goals and objectives and meet regularly with TIC staff to evaluate their overall business development. Tenants are also required to create an action plan and show continued efforts to meet milestones within the plan.


The TIC also offers a Virtual Tenant Program. Launched in 2010, the Virtual Tenant Program offers virtual tenants all the perks of a traditional TIC membership with the exception of office space. Membership amenities include access to the TIC conference rooms, printing and faxing services, and a business mailing address. Virtual tenants are also invited to attend training sessions, workshops, and monthly tenant meetings led by TIC staff.



  • Identify and support high technology business opportunities;
  • Promote long-term and sustainable economic development in East Lansing and the region;
  • Support the business community by providing affordable office space and services, training, funding sources, mentoring and a network of professional advisors.


Amenities: The TIC features 15 standard offices and two conference rooms. The space and office amenities available to business tenants include conference rooms, reduced-cost telephone and internet service, mail, fax and basic copier services, kitchenette amenities, parking and basic reception services. In addition, business resources and workshop trainings are provided by the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (Leap, Inc.) and the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC).


Types of businesses supported at the TIC include homeland security, media arts, biosciences, engineering, healthcare technology, cloud services, e-accounting services, e-commerce, bacterial data basing, background check software, creative marketing, engineering arts (medical devices), genetics testing and web-based learning tools.



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