Virtual Tenants

The East Lansing Technology Innovation Center (TIC) has launched the new Virtual Tenant program to further extend the support and resources offered at the TIC to a larger community of entrepreneurs.

Essentially, virtual tenants will be offered all the perks of a traditional TIC members with the exception of office space. Perks of the virtual tenant membership will include access to the TIC conference rooms, printing and faxing services and a business mailing address. Virtual tenants will also be included in monthly TIC tenant meetings and will be able to tap into other services and programming assistance offered to traditional TIC tenants.

Those interested in becoming a virtual tenant can contact Jeff Smith at (517) 319-6861 or (517) 420-1670. The program is outlined in the TIC Handbook.


GEMA Diagnostics | www.gemadiagnostics.com
Gema Diagnostics is a venture-backed molecular diagnostics company developing applications to dramatically improve clinical outcomes in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).


Why Not Innovations
Why Not Innovations is a fitness technology company in the residential and commercial fitness market. We're working on developing our first product that will change the world


Parker Enterprise Solutions  | 228-342-9346
Parker Enterprise Solutions provides custom software development.









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