Neighborhood Partnerships Initiative


The East Lansing Neighborhood Partnerships Initiative provides East Lansing residents the opportunity to help enhance their neighborhood's character and quality of life through active community engagement.

The goals are to support citizenship, foster two-way communication and build community by taking a new approach to neighborhood support and outreach.

Many of East Lansing's 25 active neighborhoods have reinforced their community's character through a range of projects, including installation of new signs and planters, development of neighborhood pocket parks, creation of special community events and more. Many of these associations have also developed strong communication channels among neighbors and local city government.


The key components of the Neighborhood Partnerships Initiative are the neighborhood websites, City staff liaisons and minigrants.


City-Sponsored, Community-Maintained Neighborhood Webpage

Neighborhood Associations have the opportunity to maintain their own webpage at no cost to the neighborhood.


City Staff Liaisons
The City staff liaisons will provide support to neighborhoods by creating a personal link to City Hall and provide one point of contact for questions, concerns and ideas for their neighborhood.


Neighborhood Enhancement Minigrants
Neighborhood Enhancement Minigrants are available to neighborhoods that have been assigned a staff liaison for projects that reinforce the community’s character.


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