Re-inspection Program

The East Lansing Assessor’s Office will once again be performing onsite property re‐inspections in a portion of the City’s residential neighborhoods this summer. The purpose of the program is to make property records for East Lansing homes as current and accurate as possible by performing onsite property visits every couple of years. These visits will include measuring all buildings and property improvements, taking photos, briefly interviewing residents and/or property owners and walking through buildings to observe the current condition and amenities present.

Starting in mid‐May, City personnel will begin visiting specific residential rental properties as part of this program. The employees will be wearing a visible City of East Lansing‐issued identification badge.

Location Map

View a map of the properties that will be re-inspected in 2019 (PDF). Additionally, letters will be sent to all property owners informing them of the inspection.


Community members with questions can contact the East Lansing Assessor’s Office at (517) 319-6880.