Development Review Process

The Development Review Process includes review of applicant proposals and plans by relevant boards/commissions and City departments as it relates to the Zoning Code and various master plans, as well as final approval by the East Lansing City Council.

  • Guide to Development (PDF) - The Guide includes a detailed overview of the development review process in the City of East Lansing, including policies, steps and other relevant information for applicants. Links to webpages are provided throughout the document for easy access to forms, applications, maps and additional information.
  • Development Review Flowchart (PDF) - The flowchart outlines the development review process in the City of East Lansing. The diagram includes the required and recommended meetings and actions, and the boards and commissions that review development applications.
  • Public Participation Plan (PDF) - The Public Participation Plan contains the policies and procedures for public involvement and outreach in the City’s planning and development review process.
  • Zoning Code and Master Plans 
  • Applications & Fees