Spring Home Maintenance

The City of East Lansing has compiled a number of helpful maintenance reminders for homeowners for the spring season. Since extreme cold temperatures and heavy snowfall can have a number of negative effects on homes, it is beneficial to inspect homes for potential damage caused over the winter months. Additionally, spring brings a significant amount of rainfall, which may cause problems if not managed appropriately. The inspection of water drainage systems and foundation areas may prevent costly repairs and harmful side effects in the future.

To prevent or reduce damage caused by weather, the following assessments are recommended:

  • Basement Walls and Floors – Check perimeter walls and floors of basement interiors for signs of moisture entering the home. Moisture in the basement may indicate problems with exterior drainage systems. It is important to avoid excess moisture in basements to prevent growth of harmful mold and mildew.
  • Grading – The level or “grade” of soil surrounding the exterior foundation wall of a home can be an important factor in reducing water infiltration in basements. The grade around the foundation perimeter must slope away from the home to prevent excess moisture from entering through walls.
  • Roofing/Shingles – Visually inspect roofing materials for signs of damage. Look for cupping, curling or misaligned shingles, especially within the bottom three feet of the roof, where ice damage often occurs.
  • Gutters and Downspouts – Check gutters for missing pieces and misalignment. The function of the gutter and downspout system is to divert water safely away from the home. All components, including gutter, downspout and downspout extensions must be in place to perform effectively.
Yard Maintenance
In addition to home maintenance, please take into consideration grounds maintenance. A list of Need-to-Know Ordinances, including information on grass height, litter, pools and outdoor furniture has been compiled for property owners. Additionally, information on yard waste collection is available.

For questions regarding property maintenance, call the East Lansing Rental Housing Division at (517) 319-6870.