Fit for Life 2017

The three-year grant through the Tri-County Office on Aging will help 20 people each year adopt a healthier lifestyle through a program entitled Fit for Life. The combined value is more than $400 per person.

About the Program
The 2017 program will take place January 9-March 29, 2017. At the beginning of the 11-week program, participants will take a pre-test of easy-to-perform exercises. At the end of the program, participant will take the test again to measure outcomes!

A fantastic lineup of wellness workshops will take place, including The Study of Sleep, Ask the Pharmacist, Sexual Health for Seniors, Stress Management and Walking a Labyrinth.

How to Apply
Download an application or pick one up at the Prime Time office.

This 11-week outcome-based exercise program (January 9-March 29, 2017) includes:

  • two free Prime Time exercise classes per week
  • free brain exercise course
  • free wellness workshops (see lineup above)
  • support groups