City Code, Ordinances & Policy Resolutions

The East Lansing City Code encompasses ordinances that have been adopted since the most recent code supplement. All ordinances are adopted by the East Lansing City Council and take effect immediately upon publication, unless a specific effective date is indicated.


  • City Charter (PDF) - rules that set out the organizational and governing structure of the City of East Lansing
  • Code of Ordinances - a set of codified ordinances adopted over a period of time and organized into a book by subject matter
  • Recently Adopted Ordinances - ordinances that have been adopted by City Council and are waiting to be integrated into the City Code in its next code update
  • Non-codified Ordinances - ordinances that are not general and permanent but are either temporary in nature or zoning and subdivision ordinances limited to a specific area. These ordinances will NEVER be codified into the City Code
  • Policy Resolutions - policy resolutions that have been adopted by City Council