Non-Conforming Use Committee

The City of East Lansing has a substantial number of non-conforming rental properties (in particular, single-family rental structures), many of which were previously owner-occupied properties. The City established a committee, which participated in a facilitated dialogue in October 2014 to review these regulations and subsequently issued a report, which made five recommendations for action. The East Lansing City Council formed a new committee in December 2015. View Council's resolution.

The purpose of the Non-Conforming Use Committee was to make recommendations to the City Council as to any ordinance amendments, ordinances or regulations relating to non-conforming rental properties; specifically addressing license transfers, rezoning and structural changes to non-conforming rental properties, among other things, in a report and recommendation to the City Council.

Committee Report

The Non-Conforming Use Committee's report was completed on May 31, 2016. Ordinances will be introduced on Aug. 16 by City Council and referred to the Planning and Housing Commissions for review and recommendations.

Agendas & Minutes

The Non-Conforming Use Committee's archived agendas and minutes can be found by clicking the link below.
View Agendas, Minutes & Video Meeting Coverage
  • Doug Jester, Chairperson
  • Brian Hagan, Vice Chairperson
  • Dan Bollman
  • Davia Downey
  • Michael Lawrence

  • Nancy Marr
  • Alex Noffsinger
  • Joanne Russell
  • Sally Silver
  • Kathleen Boyle (alternate)