Parking Requirements Committee

Recent national trends of increasing use of transit, non-motorized transportation, public car sharing and lower driver licensure rates among younger drivers have been impacting residential development projects and have brought attention to the potential need to update the number of parking spaces required for the City’s Zoning Code.

Therefore, the East Lansing City Council, by resolution, formed a new committee on August 20, 2016 to look at current parking requirements and issues related to those requirements as they relate to multi-family residential components of mixed-use projects in the downtown. The committee consists of nine members as follows:

  • Downtown Development Authority (2)
  • Downtown Management Board (2)
  • Planning Commission (3)
  • Transportation Commission (2)

Committee Report

The committee forwarded their recommendations to the City Council. View referral letter (PDF). At their January 31, 2017 meeting, the City Council introduced and referred to the Planning Commission Ordinance No. 1400 (PDF); an ordinance to amend Sections 50-814 of Chapter 50 - Zoning – of the Code of the City of East Lansing to allow for a reduction of the parking requirements for residential uses in the B-2 and B-3 districts under certain circumstances and allow for further parking reductions when warranted. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on Ordinance 1400 on March 8, 2017 and it will be back on the commission's agenda on March 22, 2017.

Agendas and Minutes

The Parking Requirements Committee's archived agendas and minutes can be found by clicking the link below.
View Agendas & Minutes


  • Jeffrey Kusler, Chair
  • Laura Goddeeris, Vice Chair
  • Colin Cronin
  • Luke Allen Hackney
  • Michael Krueger

  • Rory Neuner
  • Paul Stokstad
  • John Swords
  • Bryn Williams