Center City District

The City of East Lansing has received an application for a mixed-use redevelopment project that proposes to include significant placemaking improvements to Albert Avenue and Grand River Avenue, the addition of both senior housing (93 rental units) and mixed market housing (271 rental units), street level retail and the addition of a national grocery and soft goods retailer. The project would be located along Grand River Avenue and Albert Avenue, including 125, 133, 135 and 201-209 E. Grand River Ave. and the City's Albert Avenue Parking Lot, 200 Albert Ave. The total project site is 2.02 acres.

An estimated $132 million will be invested in the site. In addition to the placemaking improvements proposed, the project would also include a new 613-space parking structure and new utility infrastructure. The City would take on no debt associated with any of the improvements. 

About the Development Team

The development team is made up of both local and national partners. Locally, the Ballein family, owners of the Student Book Store and several other commercial properties, has assembled the privately held parcels and has established a partnership with Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors, LLC, based in Richmond, Ill. Their consulting team includes BKV Group, Kimley Horn, Baird and Associates, AKT Peerless and others.

Community Feedback

Community members are welcome to share their feedback on the proposed Center City District project. Community members are also welcome to attend any of the public meetings listed below. The timeline will be updated regularly as new meetings and public hearings are scheduled.


Date Summary
2003 and 2007 RFPs issued for Albert Avenue Parking Lot
2012 Senior Housing Analysis and Survey completed
February 2016 City Council approved Ordinance 1384 to ensure that housing dedicated to seniors would be included in the downtown
July 2016 Development team begins discussion with City about potential project
January 2017 Development team begins discussion about potential Brownfield Plan with the City
February 2017 Development team submits Site Plan and Brownfield Plan
February 22, 2017 Presentation to Planning Commission 
54B District Court, Courtroom 2
101 Linden St. 
7 p.m.
February 23, 2017 Presentation to Downtown Development Authority and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
March 8, 2017 Planning Commission Public Hearing
March 16, 2017 Discussion of project at the DDA Project and Infrastructure Committee Meeting
March 20, 2017 Transportation Commission Meeting
March 22, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting
March 23, 2017 DDA and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Meetings
March 23, 2017 Brownfield Plan approved by Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
April 12, 2017 Planning Commission to consider Site Plan
April 26, 2017 Planning Commission to consider Site Plan
May 9, 2017 City Council to hold public hearing on the Site Plan and Brownfield Plan - deferred action and set second public hearing for June 13
May 11, 2017 Downtown Development Authority and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority meetings to consider Reimbursement Agreement - CANCELED
May 25, 2017 Brownfield Redevelopment Authority to review revised Brownfield Plan
June 13, 2017 City Council to hold public hearings on the Site Plan/Special Use Permit and Brownfield Plan