Taxpayer Impact Example

The example below illustrates the residential taxpayer impact if both ballot proposals pass. It uses East Lansing's average gross household income ($67,926) and the average taxable value for improved residential parcels (i.e. parcels with a dwelling) in 2017 ($83,500). View the Taxpayer Impact Charts (PDF) for the taxpayer impact at other levels of income and taxable value.

Income Tax on East Lansing's Average Gross Household Income
$67,926 x .01 = $679.26*

*This does not factor in exemptions. Assuming $600** for exemptions, the tax would be $673.26 for one exemption, $667.26 for two exemptions, $661.26 for three exemptions, $655.26 for four exemptions, etc.

5 Mill Property Tax Reduction on East Lansing's Average Taxable Value for Improved Residential Parcels in 2017
$83,500 x .005 = $417.50

Taxpayer Impact with One Exemption at $600**
$673.26 - $417.50 = $255.76

**Please note that the $600 for exemptions is an assumed amount. East Lansing City Council has yet to determine the amount for exemptions.