Election Inspectors

The East Lansing City Clerk's office is always seeking civic-minded, qualified citizens to serve as paid election inspectors. Election inspectors must be registered to vote in the state of Michigan or a student (ages 16-17). East Lansing election inspectors do not need to be a registered voter in East Lansing. Election Inspectors must commit to working on Election Day from 6 a.m. until approximately 10 p.m. They must also attend a mandatory certification class before Election Day. Election inspectors should be detail-oriented, friendly and able to work up to a possible 16-hour day. Payment is as follows:

  • Election Workers - $13/hour
  • Precinct Chairs & Co-Chairs - $15/hour
  • Required Training - $13/hour for Inspectors and $15/hour for Chairs & Co-Chairs

To apply, please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION for election inspectors. Individuals who previously worked as an East Lansing election inspector or chairperson do not need to re-apply, but they are asked to email cityclerk@cityofeastlansing.com if they would like to sign up again.