Oakwood Historic District Boundary Study

A Historic Boundary Study Committee was created in 2013 to determine whether the existing boundaries of the Oakwood Historic District should be modified as a result of changing conditions. The committee's preliminary report was completed and, after a 60-day review period, a public hearing was held. The committee transmitted their complete Oakwood Historic District Boundary Study Final Report (PDF) in December 2018. 

The study's Recommendation Map (PDF) shows four separate recommendations made by the Committee.These recommendations were made using the National Register Evaluation Criteria listed on page 18 of the study for determining whether they recommended a property be added or deleted from the current boundary. Three recommendations add properties for inclusion and one recommendation removes properties from the Oakwood Historic District. The Committee felt these areas should be viewed and considered separately due to their distinct architectural character. Ordinance 1446 was drafted and transmitted to the East Lansing City Council to reflect the changes in the map.

City Council discussed the Oakwood Boundary Study at several meetings (see links below). Based on the discussions, staff has prepared two alternate maps, which remove additional properties from the current Oakwood district. The first alternative map corresponds to Ordinance 1446a and the second alternative map corresponds to Ordinance 1446b.

On January 9, 2020, the Historic District Commission reviewed the draft ordinances. After a discussion, they voted to recommend a new alternate ordinance, 1446c, which only removes the properties at 328, 334, 340, 344, and 404 Evergreen as well as Parking Lot #15 from the District. The third alternative map corresponds to 1446c.

At their discussion only meeting on January 14, 2020, City Council reviewed the four options and requested that staff draft Ordinance 1446c and return to Council on February 11, 2020 with all four options for their consideration and potential action.