City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing

The legislature has established the City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) program (a simplified version of the Economic Vitality Incentive Program). Each eligible local unit must meet all of the requirements of Accountability and Transparency in order to receive the full CVTRS payment. A Consolidation of Services Plan and an Unfunded Accrued Liability Plan are not required under the CVTRS program. Effective in 2016, the City has elected to use the State of Michigan Treasury's online Citizen's Guide to comply with the legislative requirements. Please visit the State of Michigan Treasury page to review this.

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Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP)

For years Michigan communities received funding from the State of Michigan through a program called Revenue Sharing, however, Governor Snyder eliminated statutory revenue sharing in 2011 and created a new program called the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP). It requires that communities produce a citizen's guide of its most recent finances, documentation of collaborations and consolidation and certification that new employee compensation criteria has been implemented to receive community funding. There were three criteria for qualifying for EVIP payments. View EVIP.