Electronic Waste & Large Appliances

Electronic waste

Why can't it go in the recycling bin? 

Electronic waste (“E-waste”) or large appliances should not be put into (or placed next to) the curbside recycling or trash carts. The components in these items (arsenic, lead, mercury, Freon, etc.) need to be recycled separately/properly and should not be mixed in with the contents of residential recyclable items or placed into the landfill. Many of the components in e-waste can be used to make new products when recycled at a proper facility.

If I can't put it in the curbside recycling bin, where can it go?

Before replacing electronics or appliances, ask yourself if you need the upgrade or if the item can simply be repaired. If you do need to dispose of e-waste or old appliances, do so responsibly and never in the landfill. Residents can recycle computers and electronics at a number of community recycling events throughout the year. In addition, a number of local businesses collect computers & electronics for recycling in the community. There are a number of area events that collect e-waste from residents, including the annual Recycle Rama events. Clean, working appliances under 10 years old can also be donated to the Capital Region Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Contact them to arrange an eligible donation. Working appliances can also be exchanged as part of rebate programs. This includes the rebate programs offered by the Board of Water & Light and Consumers Energy.