Community Engagement Team

The East Lansing Police Department's Community Engagement Team consists of non-sworn police social workers and neighborhood resource specialists.

The team’s police social workers provide crisis intervention, conflict resolution, short-term counseling and community outreach to those in the community requiring social services. They are available to provide support services to community members who may be struggling with a mental health crisis, substance abuse, housing instability or traumas, such as sexual or physical assault. 

The team's neighborhood resource specialists (three part time and one full time) address quality of life issues in the East Lansing community, such as repeat noise complaints, non-emergency disputes among neighbors and other issues. This group also takes on important community engagement roles with ELPD, including serving as liaisons between the department and neighborhood associations, community groups and businesses.

The team's supervisor is Lt. Kristine Khoury, who can be reached at (517) 319-6831.