Clothing & Textiles

Clothing and Textiles

Why can't it go in the recycling bin?

Clothing or textiles placed in the recycling bin contaminate the recycling stream, which is meant to be clean, residue-free and only made up of items meant for recycling curbside (paper, plastics, glass, etc.). Although some clothing is made from a recycled post-consumer material, it cannot be processed in the residential curbside collection system. Many textiles can be reused or repurposed when donated or recycled at a proper facility. 

If I can't put it in the curbside recycling bin, where can it go?

Before replacing clothing or textiles, ask yourself if you need new items. Can they be repaired or repurposed? If clothing or textiles are in good, reusable condition, we recommend gifting to friends or donating to local thrift stores. If you need to dispose of old textiles or clothing, set up a free home pickup appointment with Simple Recycling.