About the Commission

At its July 13, 2021 meeting, the East Lansing City Council unanimously approved Policy Resolution 2021-14 (PDF) and Ordinance No. 1503 (PDF), a resolution to adopt an ordinance to establish the 11-member East Lansing Independent Police Oversight Commission (the Commission).

The purpose of the Commission is to increase accountability of the East Lansing Police Department and strengthen conditions leading to trust in the police department by the community that it is pledged to serve. Because the East Lansing City Council is committed to the goal of racial equity, the Commission will give priority to addressing racial inequities as well as use of force in policing. The Commission will enable members of the community to participate in reviewing and making recommendations about police department policies, practices and procedures, and it will provide means for prompt, impartial and fair review of complaints brought by individuals against police officers or the police department.

The adoption of the ordinance to establish the Commission was preceded by seven months of discussion, research and community outreach by a Study Committee that worked to finalize a Report on East Lansing Policing and National Models of Community Police Oversight (PDF) and Recommendations for an Ordinance to Create an Independent Police Oversight Commission (PDF).

Following the adoption of Ordinance No. 1503, Council worked to appoint the Commission’s members through a public application and interview process, with unanimous approval of the appointment of the  initial 11 members at its meeting on October 5, 2021. The first public meeting of the Commission took place in November 2021, with the Commission now meeting monthly. Community members can find a list of the current Commission members and upcoming public meeting details here.