2022 Mayors' Ramadan Unity Dinner

ramadan banner

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor and East Lansing Mayor Ron Bacon will host the 2022 Mayors' Ramadan Unity Dinner on Friday, May 20, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Lansing Center (333 E Michigan Avenue). The theme this year is "Hunger is Hard, Helping is Easy."

The mission of the Ramadan Unity Dinner is to raise proceeds for the Greater Lansing Food Bank to help bring awareness to the plight of those who go hungry as well as to promote a better understanding of how we generate hope and help feed those in our community who experience hunger. The event also serves to celebrate diversity in our region.

In the past, this event has embraced all community members, regardless of faith, so that they can unite and work together toward a common goal. All community members are invited to attend this special event.

Ticket Cost

  • $15/student(s)
  • $25/individual(s)
  • $80/family of 4

How to Purchase Tickets