Complaint & Disposition Statistics

View the East Lansing Police Department's statistics for administrative complaints (complaints initiated by the department or an employee) and internal complaints (complaints initiated by the public) against ELPD employees as well as disposition statistics.


Total Complaints (PDF)
Dispositions (PDF)


Total Complaints (PDF)
Dispositions (PDF)

Disposition Definitions

  • Unfounded: The alleged act did not occur.
  • Exonerated: The actions taken were appropriate, reasonable and consistent with department policy and training.
  • Not Sustained: There was insufficient information to clearly prove or disprove the allegations.
  • Sustained: There was sufficient information to justify a reasonable conclusion that part or all of the alleged act occurred.
  • Policy Failure: Part or all of the alleged act occurred. The employee’s actions were reasonable and followed current department policy. However, the policy should be reviewed and may need to be revised and additional training may be necessary. The employee is considered exonerated in these findings.