Complaint Summaries

The East Lansing Independent Police Oversight Commission (the Commission) is responsible for reviewing the East Lansing Police Department’s (ELPD) investigation of complaints brought by community members against ELPD officers. Community members can learn more about this process in Ordinance No. 1503. Complaints began to be reviewed by the Commission in 2022. 

Investigations of complaints are conducted internally by ELPD. The investigator writes a report to the police chief about the investigation and findings (or recommendations) regarding whether the officer(s) violated ELPD’s policies or procedures. That report is then redacted and given to the Commission. 

The Commission reviews the investigation report and may request additional investigation and make recommendations about the complaint findings or policy matters raised by the complaint. The Commission makes its recommendation before the police chief makes a final decision about the complaint. 

ELPD complaint investigations contain many of the following elements: communicate with complainant to request and conduct an interview, notify officer(s) involved that they are the focus of an investigation and are compelled to be interviewed, review the ELPD Case Report about the incident, interview any witnesses, review Officer Daily Reports and Incident Detail Reports, listen to 911 Dispatch audio, review body-worn camera and possibly dash camera video, review documentation of training on relevant policies by officer(s) involved and interview officer(s).

The Commission is responsible for preparing a summary of each complaint. These summaries are posted below.