5G Small Cell

View the Small Cell Wireless Facilities Design Guidelines (PDF) here.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth-generation mobile network, offering bigger channels to speed up data, lower latency to be more responsive and the ability to connect more devices at once for sensors and smart devices. 

What regulations does the City of East Lansing have control over?

Per the City Code, the City can regulate the placement/siting of "small cell" facilities. View the Small Cell Networks section of the City Code for additional information.

Per State of Michigan requirements, local municipalities must allow for cellular wireless companies to add 5G small cell wireless facilities within their communities. View the State's Small Wireless Communications Facilities Deployment Act to learn more about the State's requirements. 

How many small cell installations are there in the City and are there any planned for the future?

There are currently approximately 12 small cell installations in the City and Crown Castle has had pre-discussions with City staff and is proposing to add 54 new small cell locations within the City beginning sometime in 2023. As of April 19, 2023 the City has received 33 applications. View the ArcGIS map of proposed locations.

Representatives from Crown Castle attended a come-and-go open house at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center on February 27, 2023 as well as East Lansing City Council's March 14, 2023 discussion-only meeting. Community members can view the March 14 presentation and discussion here.

Who can I reach out to if I have additional questions? 

The public can reach out to Crown Castle at Lansingarea@crowncastle.com and view a webpage the company has created for its proposed project in the  Lansing/East Lansing area at www.crowncastle.com/communities/lansing-mi

Individuals with additional questions can reach out to East Lansing Department of Public Works Deputy Director Ron Lacasse at (517) 337-9459 or rlacass@cityofeastlansing.com

Crown Castle Applications

Node No. Permit Address Actual Pole Address New or Existing Pole
5 1238 Oak Ridge Ave. 1226 Oak Ridge Ave. Existing
7 20 University Drive 33 University Drive New
8 599 Cowley Ave. 1203 W. Grand River Ave. New
14 111 N. Harrison Road Kobs Field, MSU Existing
43 939 Burcham Drive 715 Berkshire Lane New
16 315 University Drive 315 University Drive Existing
27 407 Marshall St. 535 Hillcrest Ave. Existing
28 656 Abbot Road 644 Abbot Road Existing
29 624 Forest St. 624 Forest St. Existing
112 750 Audubon Road 805 Cowley Ave. New
40 1000 Linden St. 408 Durand St. New
41 1002 Albert St. 238 Durand St. Existing
46 1309 Albert St. 1309 Albert St. New
49 501 Lexington Ave. Beech Street Parking Lot New
65 1612 Snyder Road 1612 Snyder Road Existing
117 511 Abbot Road 507 Abbot Road Existing
50 670 Lexington Ave. 693 N. Hagadorn Road New
42 592 Gunson St. 592 Gunson St. Existing
10 215 Kensington Road 1048 Chesterfield Parkway New
4 500 Glenmoor Road 1315 Westview Ave. New
26 235 Delta St. 311 W. Grand River Ave. New
31 322 Abbot Road 410 Abbot Road Existing
33 230 Beech St. 545 M.A.C. Ave. New
35 409 Ann St. 409 Ann St. Existing
36 501 M.A.C. Ave. 501 M.A.C. Ave. Existing
37 701 Ann St. 304 Collingwood Drive New
38 601 Linden St. Bailey Park (NW Corner) New
44 708 Knoll Road 708 Knoll Road Existing
48 290 N. Hagadorn Road 1513 Cahill Drive Existing
63 305 John R. St. 1567 Cahill Drive New
64 1653 Linden St. 1653 Linden St. New
66 1677 Snyder Road 1677 Snyder Road New
109 212 Highland Ave. 1226 Michigan Ave. New
11 1023 Grand River Ave. 1015 W. Grand River Ave. Existing
22 220 N. Harrison Road 236 N. Harrison Road Existing
110 760 Coolidge Road 1427 W. Saginaw St. Existing