Plumbing Permit Fees

The following is an outline of some of the City of East Lansing's Building Division fees for plumbing permits.

Please note: the Application/Base Fee is $60 and non-refundable.

Plumbing Installations

Each plumbing fixture or set of fixtures on one trap
(includes water & drain connections)

Sewer & Drains

Building sewer, each $60
Back water valve installation, each $20
Rainwater systems, per drain
(in building)
Building drain & alterations $60
Grease oil interceptor $60
Grease waste piping/alteration/repair $60             

Water Equipment, Appliances & Devices

Water heater and/or vent $15
Installation, alteration or repair of water piping
and/or water treatment equipment
Lawn sprinkler system or meter &
backflow devices

Backflow Protective Devices

Other Than Atmospheric Type Vacuum Breakers  
Two inch diameter or smaller $20
Over two inch diameter $40                     

Stacks, Vents & Conductors

Three stories or less $20
Fourth level or more, per story $15
Repair or change of drainage or vent piping $10                 

Gas Piping

Each gas piping system (one to four outlets) $25
Each gas piping system (five or more outlets, each outlet) $10
Steam Generator $20
Medical Vacuum $25                       

Medical Gas Piping

Each MED gas piping system of one to four outlets $25
Each outlet over five $10                   

Other Inspections & Fees

Inspections outside normal business hours, per hour
(one hour minimum)
Investigation Fee $80
Testing per hour $70
Re-Inspection Fee $70
Additional Inspection $70
Final Inspection (REQUIRED) $70
Plan Review Fee 40%