Medicine Disposal


Americans are consuming more over-the-counter and prescription medicines each year. These compounds are showing up in our nation’s rivers and streams and the long-term effects on the environment are not known. In addition, improper disposal also poses a risk to children and pets if they are accidentally consumed.

NEW! Household Drug Take Back Map

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) makes it simple to find household medication collection and disposal options with the interactive Household Drug Take Back Map, which is phone friendly. EGLE’s Drug Takeback Map helps residents find convenient collection locations across the state. Community members can view the map here and can watch a "How To" video on how to use the map here. Additional resources and information regarding proper drug disposal can be found at

Prescription Medication & Controlled Substance Drop-Off Locations

The nearest location that accepts over-the-counter medicine  is:

MSU Clinic
4660 S. Hagadorn Road
(517) 353-3500

The nearest locations that accept controlled substances are:
Meridian Township Police Department (no liquids)
5151 March Road

Bath Township Police Department
14480 Webster Road

Additional information and locations can be found at

Summary of the Guidelines for Disposal

Most medications that are flushed down the drain are not removed by conventional wastewater treatment plants and pass through to rivers and streams. Therefore, do not flush drugs down the sink or toilet.

  • Check with your pharmacy to see if they have a take-back program for unused drugs.
  • Take your drugs to a special drop-off location (see list of collections/locations above)
  • Dispose of medicine in the trash if a collection program is not available as follows:
    • Keep pharmaceuticals in their original container
    • Remove personal information from the label or render it unreadable
    • Render solid medications such as pills or capsules useless by adding a small amount of water to at least partially dissolve them. Seal the containers. Render liquid medications useless by adding table salt, flour, charcoal or nontoxic powdered spice. Seal the container.