Yard Maintenance

The City of East Lansing would like to remind residents and property owners of their yard maintenance responsibilities during the growing season. Residents and property owners are reminded to maintain exterior properties free from weeds or plant/grass growth in excess of six inches. Residents who rent should discuss with their landlord whose responsibility it is to cut the grass and maintain the premises free of noxious weeds.

Damage to Homes

Besides being visually unpleasant, invasive or "volunteer" plants and trees can cause damage to homes and buildings. The root systems of unwanted trees and weeds can cause structural damage to foundation walls when located too close to the structure. Also, foliage can cause moisture damage to the exterior of homes and buildings when in direct contact with protective finishes.

Removal of invasive plants and trees is best done early, before a significant root system is established. Remember to be proactive in dealing with undesirable vegetation.


Yard maintenance is monitored during the summer months by East Lansing’s Parking & Code Enforcement (PACE). PACE enforces property maintenance ordinances, issuing warnings and fines when necessary. Property owners are reminded that grass cannot be taller than 6 inches per the City Code.


If you have questions regarding interpretation of ordinances or responsibility, you can contact PACE at (517) 319-6894.

properly maintained yard

Proper Maintenance

unmaintained yard

Improper Maintenance