Joe DeFors, CEMA

"East Lansing is a beautiful, vibrant community that has made a tangible commitment to entrepreneurship and small business. Comprehensive Emergency Management Associates (CEMA) has benefited greatly from the leadership provided by the City of East Lansing through the Technology Innovation Center and the talent and business networking opportunities it provides. To CEMA, East Lansing is not so much a place, as it is a partner!"

Patrick McPharlin, MSUFCU

“East Lansing is a very attractive place to not only establish a business, but also to live. This community offers up the charm of a small City to its residents and patrons, but at the same time offers many of the things you would find in a large city, such as arts offerings, sporting events and more.

Siham Baladi, Silver & Beyond

"East Lansing is the hidden gem of this area. It's the city that everybody calls home. We're home to the top university, museums, galleries, boutiques and a welcoming family-friendly community. I'm so fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of this great city and to work with the best, talented and energetic leaders. I love when my customers tell me how exciting it is to be in our city." 

Christine Reay, Creative Wellness

“Every time we have expanded we have tried to stay close to our previous location and have chosen to keep our roots in East Lansing. We have chosen this community because of its close proximity to MSU and the diversity of people who live here. We have an extremely educated population who appreciates the quality and excellence of the goods and services we provide.”