Need-to-Know Ordinances

One Pager PlusThe City of East Lansing has compiled a number of need-to-know ordinances for residents and visitors. These ordinances are enforced by the East Lansing Police Department and Parking and Code Enforcement (PACE).

Disorderly Conduct (section 26-52)
  • Do not remain within 300 feet of a fire. No person shall be or remain on public property or the unenclosed private property of another within 300 feet of a structure fire, vehicle fire or open fire, except persons attempting to put out or contain the fire.
  • Do not be intoxicated in a public place and be endangering directly the safety of another person or property.
  • Do not urinate, defecate or spit on any street, sidewalk, alley, park, parkway, parking lot or structure, public carrier or upon any public property.
  • Do not engage in a riot, assemble or act in concert with four or more other persons for the purpose of engaging in conduct constituting the crime of riot, including the destruction of public or private property, throwing objects, starting a fire.
Open Alcohol (section 26-54)
Do not be in possession of any alcoholic beverage in an open container or container with a broken seal in any public place or private area open to the public except a licensed liquor establishment or elsewhere as provided by ordinance.

Bulk Rubbish Items (ordinance 1300)
Fireworks (section 26-66)
Do not discharge consumer fireworks other than the day preceding, the day of, or the day after a national holiday, but not between the hours of 1-8 a.m. Learn more about the Fireworks Ordinance (One-Pager Plus) (PDF) online.

Snow & Ice Removal (section 38-127)
  • Snow that accumulates before noon on a sidewalk must be cleared by midnight the same day.
  • Snow that accumulates after noon on a sidewalk must be cleared by midnight of the following day.
  • Ice should be cleared or an abrasive (salt, sand, ect.) should be applied within 12 hours of formation.
  • Learn more about Snow Removal Ordinance (One-Pager Plus) (PDF) online.
Noise (section 26-81)
  • Do not create noise that would disturb your neighbors, including loud stereos, shouting.
  • After 11 p.m., noise violations are misdemeanor offenses.
  • An enhanced party noise violation will occur if two or more of the following conditions apply: 1) a common source of alcohol to serve the guests, such as a keg; 2) live entertainment; 3) a charge to gain entrance into the residence or to consume alcohol; 4) amplified sound heard outside of the building; and 5) outdoor drinking games where alcohol is involved.
Parking (section 50-814)
Parking in designated parking areas only. (section 44-543)
No parking on any street from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., unless posted otherwise. (section 44-298)
No parking or driving on lawn. (section 44-303)
Parked vehicles must be operable (no flat tires) and have a current license plate. (section 14-36)

Keep your lawn neat and trimmed. Grass should be no higher than six inches. Learn more about appropriate lawn height
Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so sidewalks and street corners are not physically or visually obstructed.

Outdoor Furniture (section 301.10)
Do not leave indoor furniture outdoors.

Pools (ordinance 1320)
No pool, swimming pool, hot tub or spa of any depth - permanent or temporary - shall be placed in the front yard or side yard (unless enclosed) of any one-family, two-family or multiple-family dwelling.