Safety Tips

The East Lansing Police Department offers a number of safety-related tips for East Lansing residents. Learn about tips on recording serial numbers, credit cards, internet safety, calling 911, fraud and much more.
  1. Calling 911

    The East Lansing Police Department offers several safety tips when placing a 911 call.

  2. Credit Card Scams

    There have been a number of credit card scams over the years; don't be another statistic.

  3. Fraud

    Protect yourself from fraud of all types by following these tips.

  4. How To Survive An Active Shooter

    The City of Houston has released a video designed to teach people how to react during a workplace shooting by emphasizing a three-word mantra: run, hide, fight.

  5. Personal Safety

    Increasing your awareness, trusting your instincts, and reducing opportunities that could make you a target are all great ways to increase your personal safety.

  6. Recording Serial Numbers

    Recording a serial number increases the likelihood of the police returning your valuable if stolen.

  7. Vacation Watch

    If you're going on vacation and are concerned about the safety of your home, the East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) will make courtesy home checks.

  8. Winter Tips for Time Away from Home