Personal Safety

The East Lansing Police Department offers the following personal safety tips:
  • Reduce or eliminate opportunities that may make you a target.
    • If running/walking with ear buds, leave one ear open to hear traffic, people, etc. This has been a source of trouble in the local area in recent years. Lock doors (home / car) and do not leave valuables visible in windows. Larcenies are more often crimes of opportunity than planned.
  • Increase awareness in places you're most comfortable.
    • Don’t let your guard down, even in places that you feel safe. Take the time to pay attention to your surroundings and events that are occurring. You may be able to remove yourself from a situation before it becomes a problem.
  • Trust your instincts regardless of feeling embarrassed.
    • In other words, trust your gut. If you feel uncomfortable, get out. Don’t worry about what others think, you can always explain later.
  • Prepare your schedule daily with safety in mind.
    • If you need to run errands along a busy street, plan your route so that you don’t need to cross traffic unless you’re at a stoplight / crosswalk. Have a friend drop you off and/or pick you up. Or, utilize the many licensed taxis in East Lansing.