The East Village Master Plan (PDF) was the product of an intense public process involving a variety of partners, including the area's property owners, Michigan State University, East Lansing residents, business owners, the real estate development community and the State of Michigan through a number of its agencies.

Partners Involved
  • East Village Planning Team (2004-2005):
    • Fred Bauries, Zoning Board of Appeals
    • Kevin Beard, Parks and Recreation Commission
    • Ginny Haas, Office of Governmental Affairs, MSU
    • Veronica Johnson, Planning Commission
    • Tali Kritzer, Planning Commission
    • Nancy Kurdziel, Prime Housing Group
    • Tom Kuschinski, DTN Management
    • Matthew Mitroka, Planning Commission
    • Dale Springer, Planning Commission
    • Nick Uppal, DTN Management
  • East Lansing Planning Commission, 2006
  • Michigan State University
  • State of Michigan agencies