The public planning process has included the following steps:
  1. 1999 - MSU Urban and Regional Planning students provide redevelopment ideas for the East Village area.
  2. April 2004 - The East Lansing Planning Commission designated an East Village Master Planning Team to draft a master plan for the East Village Area.
  3. The City of East Lansing received a community development planning grant from MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) for the creation of the East Village Master Plan.
  4. The City contracted JJR for a study of the project area that explored flood plain aspects and potential designs for the area. The JJR study provided suggestions about flood mitigation and about the architecture and character of the project area.
  5. 2004-2005 - Twelve open meetings, including a public hearing, were held by the East Village Master Planning Team to discuss existing conditions, market studies, community vision and tools for implementation.
  6. May 2005 - The East Village Master Planning Team presented a recommended draft East Village Master Plan to the Planning Commission.
  7. May 2005 - The Planning Commission and City Council reviewed the draft and authorized its distribution for further review and comment by surrounding jurisdictions, as required by the Municipal Planning Act.
  8. 2005 - City of East Lansing received a Cool Cities "Neighborhoods in Progress" designation.
  9. 2005- 2006 - Comments from surrounding jurisdictions were received and the Planning Commission held two public hearings to gather additional community input on the proposed Master Plan. The Planning Commission considered the input and made several changes to the proposed Master Plan.
  10. February 8, 2006 - The revised plan was adopted by the  Planning Commission and became an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for the City of East Lansing.
  11. 2006 - A new East Village District Code was developed for this area by the East Lansing Department of Planning & Community Development staff and submitted to the Planning Commission.
  12. July 2006 - The new East Village District Code was adopted.
  13. August 2006 - City of East Lansing signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the The Pierce Company, now Pierce Education Properties,  a California-based development firm.

    August 2006 - February 2008: MOU Phase I - Project Development
    • Due Diligence
    • Project Feasibility
    • Design
    • Development Agreement Negotiation
  14. January 2007 - Pierce Education Properties contracted with the architectural firm 5+Design to do the design concept for the redevelopment project.
  15. February 2007 - The first design workshop, hosted by Pierce Education Properties,  involved a large variety of stakeholders (i.e. MSU students, MSU faculty, community members)  in the design process. The group explored the design concepts for the East Village project.
  16. April 2007 - The second design workshop, hosted by Pierce Education Properties, continued refining the design concepts for the East Village project with extensive stakeholder participation.
  17. June 2007 - Pierce Education Properties defined their project boundary as 25 acres, located between Bogue Street and Stoddard Avenue.
  18. September 2007 - An application for the revision of the floodway and floodplain boundaries of  the Red Cedar River was submitted by the City to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  19. January 2008 - FEMA approved City's request for the reduction of the 100-year floodway and 100-year floodplain for the reach of the Red Cedar River.
  20. February 26, 2008 - Pierce Education Properties presented during the City Council Work Session the proposed development plan for a 25-acre area within the East Village area as feasible.
  21. March 4, 2008 - The First Addendum to the Memorandum of Understanding was approved by the City Council, allowing the City and the developer to enter the design/development agreement phase of their agreement.
  22. October 8, 2008 - During a project update meeting with local stakeholders, Pierce Education Properties presented character designs for East Village as well as the findings of the Economic Impact Study created by Anderson Economic Group.
  23. Fall 2009 -  Pierce Education Properties placed the project on hold due to the recession and its impact on the development industry and capital markets.  The City of East Lansing continues to pursue the goals of the East Village Master Plan.