Exploratory Committee

Agendas & Minutes
The community planning and visioning process took place over the course of three public workshops in 2008.
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  • Committee Chair: Diane Wing (East Lansing)
  • Committee Vice-Chair: Faron Supanich-Goldner (Lansing)
  • Ben Amber (East Lansing)
  • Margie Cheadle (Lansing Township)
  • Joan Finken (Lansing)
  • Dick Iding (Lansing Township)
  • Harold Leeman (Lansing)
  • Bill Sharp (East Lansing)
  • Raji Uppal (Lansing Township)
In light of the passage of the Corridor Improvement Authority Act, the City of Lansing, City of East Lansing and Lansing Township formed a study committee to launch a joint effort that would result in improvements to the Michigan Avenue Corridor. The exploratory committee was established to consider the unique opportunity to revitalize the Michigan Avenue corridor.

Committee members were asked to articulate a bold vision for the future of the Michigan Avenue Corridor, and develop a preliminary plan to achieve that vision by building upon the corridor’s current strengths. The goal is to improve the environment for businesses and neighborhoods between the capitol building of Michigan and the campus of Michigan State University. The committee hopes to unify the corridor in a way that reflects its status as one of the most vital and important passageways in the state of Michigan.