Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority

About the Authority
In light of the passage of the Corridor Improvement Authority Act and the work of an Exploratory Committee, the cities of Lansing and East Lansing, along with Lansing Township are each creating local Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authorities that develop programs and projects which are aimed at improving the Michigan Avenue corridor.

Once established, the intention is for all three authorities to work together to advise on, and potentially fund improvements to the Michigan Avenue corridor between Grand River Avenue in East Lansing and Pere Marquette Avenue in Lansing. Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) and Michigan State University are important partners in the creation of this regional authority. Therefore, in the following months, the three jurisdictions will form a joint authority that will coordinate the revitalization of the entire Michigan Avenue Corridor.

Currently, there are local authorities established for Lansing and East Lansing. Lansing Township will be appointing their Authority board members in the near future.

East Lansing Authority ( 7 members)
Term Expiration
Diane Wing 2013
Tricia Foster 2013
David Krause 2015
George Lahanas, Secretary 2015
Diane Goddeeris, Mayor 2014
Ginny Haas 2012
Rhonda Buckley 2012

Lansing Authority Term Expiration
Karl Dorshimer N/A
Scott Gillespie 2013
Josepth Ruth 2014
Colleen Serkaian 2014
Joan Nelson 2015
Jonathan Lum 2016