Trowbridge Village

About the Project
Trowbridge Village serves as the southwest entrance to Michigan State University and the City of East Lansing and boasts a vibrant commercial center with numerous multicultural and popular businesses. Visit the Trowbridge Center Redevelopment Project.

Convenient Access & High Visibility
Located adjacent to Interstate 496 and US-127, Trowbridge Village enjoys easy access from surrounding communities. Moreover, the Amtrak Station provides inter-city passenger train and bus service, connecting the region to far-away cities.

Gateway to Michigan State University
Trowbridge Road is one of the main arteries to the MSU campus and the City. University housing, office and research space, sports venues and the performance art center are all in close proximity.

International Flavor
Visitors and residents enjoy the large variety of international cuisine, such as Chinese, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern restaurants, as well as international grocery stores.

Vibrant Neighborhoods
The Red Cedar neighborhood located north and west of the corridor is a popular choice for MSU faculty and staff. Spartan Village, south of the corridor, is home to many MSU international graduate students and their families.