Building Information


The Building Division protects the safety of the built environment of the City through regulation of new and existing buildings, including newly constructed, altered or changed buildings. To ensure the safety of the community, the Building Division follows a permit process that allows the City to monitor and inspect projects for code compliance. The City of East Lansing currently requires projects to comply with the 2015 Michigan Residential code.

** Please note that all permit applications are now online. To apply for a permit online, click here.  Learn about projects that do not require a permit here.** 

Permit Application Required Common Project Associated with...
What Type & When is a License Required  
Building Permit

Egress windows, alterations, additions, tents

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Roof Permit New roof, re-roofing

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Plumbing Permit Water heaters, sprinkler systems

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Mechanical Permit Furnace/heater, air conditioners

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Electrical Permit

Lighting fixtures, fire alarm systems

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Paving Permit

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Sign Construction Permit Commercial signs

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Certificate of Appropriateness

Exterior work in Historic Districts

City Soil Erosion Control Ordinance

The permittee must adhere to the City of East Lansing's soil erosion control ordinance, "Sec. 34-71. - Responsibility of permittee," for proposed grading operations. The ordinance can be viewed here. 

Updated City Policy on Lofts

The East Lansing City Council recently approved a policy resolution updating the City's policy on lofts. View Policy Resolution 2022-6 (PDF) to learn more.

Statement of Inclusion: The City of East Lansing is committed to dismantling the systemic inequalities in City government and working with staff and the community to make East Lansing an inclusive, welcoming and affirming place to live, work, visit and do business. The East Lansing Building Division will view all of its practices and policies through the lens of anti-racism and equity. The East Lansing Building Division will operate in accordance with these core values.