Urban Form Steering Committee

Urban Form Steering Committee
The Urban Form Steering Committee focuses on policies that consider the physical shape and structure of the city as it is formed by buildings, streets, land uses, art and aesthetic choices made by past and present residents to formulate how the urban fabric is configured in the future.

Agendas & Minutes
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  • Fred Bauries, Chairperson
  • Erik Altmann, Vice Chairperson
  • Brad Ballein
  • Al Bay
  • Kevin Beard
  • Ruth Beier
  • Dave Betts
  • Dan Bollman
  • Lynsey Clayton
  • James Cuddeback
  • Alec Hathaway

  • Marcia Horan
  • Douglas Jester
  • Veronica Johnson
  • Sue Leffler
  • Tim Mrozowski
  • Michael Townley
  • Rose Vadnais
  • Chris Wolf
  • Darcy Schmitt, Lead Staff Support
  • Lori Mullins, Staff Support