Traffic Division

The 54B District Court Traffic Division receives and processes tickets, also known as civil infractions. Tickets can be issued by police officers for traffic violations or by the City of East Lansing’s Code Enforcement Division for housing violations. All tickets are processed through the 54B District Court’s Traffic Division.

The person who receives the ticket is the defendant. All defendants must take action by paying or fighting the ticket within 4-10 calendar days. Options for answering the charges are listed on the back of your citation.

NEW! Online Traffic Ticket Review
No time for the line? Your traffic ticket may be eligible for a free online ticket review. The new online program allows defendants, police and judges to resolve minor traffic violations by submitting their position online via the Online Traffic Ticket Review.

Fines & Costs
There are a number of fines and costs associated with tickets. Find information about the State’s Justice System Assessment ($40 and $10 added to ticket amounts).

How to Pay

The 54B District Court accepts cash, checks / money orders and credit cards and has a number of options available for making payments to the 54B District Court. Learn about payments.

The Secretary of State is responsible for issuing points on driver's license in Michigan. Points cannot be issued or changed by 54B District Court.

Address Changes

If you have a case with 54B District Court, it is your responsibility to update your address with the court. Call (517) 351-4568 to change your address.

Under Advisements

The 54B District Court does not take tickets under advisement.