Traffic Misdemeanors

A signed guilty or not guilty plea must be entered on the back of your misdemeanor citation or you may print, complete, and return the Misdemeanor Plea Form (PDF)

Traffic Misdemeanor Violation
Uniform Traffic Code Section
Drove Moped on Sidewalk 750.419
Drove Cycle or Motor Vehicle on Sidewalk 750.419, 5.48 (UTC)
Drove Cycle without Endorsement 257.312A
Drove Vehicle without Class Endorsement 257.312E
Drove While License Expired / Cancelled 257.301
Drove Unregistered Vehicle / No Trailer Plate 257.215
Failed to Display License / No Ops In Poss 257.311
Case may be dismissed by the court without fines and costs if, within 10 days of the date of the violation, upon either: 1.) the defendant appears at 54B District Court and shows proof that he or she had a valid operator's license on the date of the violation, or 2.) upon appearance of the defendant at the 54B District Court, before the appearance date on the citation and presenting of his or her valid operator's or chauffeur's license.

Failed to Obtain Chauffeur License 257.301
Failed to Obtain Michigan Plates 257.243
Failed to Register Moped 257.801e
Failed to Transfer Registration Plates 257.233
Improper Load or Towing 257.720
Improper Plate / Registration 257.256
Improper Use of Handicap Sticker 257.675
Unlawful Rider on Motorcycle / Moped 257.658 (2) or(3)