Parking Division

The Parking Division of the 54B District Court receives and processes parking citations issued by the City of East Lansing's Parking and Code Enforcement (PACE), unpaid (30 days) payment due notices issued by the East Lansing Parking Department and unpaid parking citations (past due) issued by the MSU Department of Public Safety. Parking citations are civil infractions, which are an act prohibited by law, but not a crime.

Parking Violations Responsibility

Michigan Statute deems the registered owner of a vehicle responsible for parking violations. A vehicle leasing or rental company may transfer liability to the driver in possession of the vehicle by submitting documents to the Court under 2000 Public Act 268 effective October 1, 2000. Late notices are mailed to the registration address on file with the Michigan Secretary of State.

You may obtain a copy of the basic parking laws from the Michigan Secretary of State office. Copies of the East Lansing parking ordinances may be obtained from the East Lansing City Clerk's office.

Driver License Hold

A driver license hold will automatically generate if a person has three or more unpaid parking violations due to a change in state law.