Ticket Options

Parking Violation Ticket Options

You have three options when you receive a civil infraction:
  1. Admit responsibility and pay the ticket in full.
  2. Admit responsibility with written explanation. You may complete the Admit Responsibility with an Explanation Form (PDF) if there are special circumstances you want the Judge to consider in determining the amount of your fine and costs. You will receive a written determination by the Judge that includes a judgment for the amount you owe. If admitting responsibility to a MSU Parking Violation, you must submit a copy of the ticket with your appeal.
  3. Deny responsibility (fight the ticket). To fight a ticket, you must have a defense that you can present in front of the Judge. If you do not show up for your hearing a default judgment will be entered against you. You may be ordered to pay additional court costs. There are two type of hearings that you can request to fight a ticket:
    • Informal hearing: A hearing held by the judge involving the officer, and yourself. No attorneys are allowed. Attorneys are not allowed to represent either side at an informal hearing. Request a hearing by completing the Request Informal Hearing / Deny Responsibility form (PDF).
    • Formal hearing: A hearing held by the judge involving the officer and yourself. A prosecuting attorney will be with the officer. You may have an attorney that you hire. he scheduling clerk will set your matter for a Pretrial Formal Hearing where the prosecuting attorney will meet with you and/or your attorney. If your matter is not resolved at this hearing, you will be scheduled for a Formal Hearing at a future date.

Online Parking/Traffic Ticket Review

Your ticket may be eligible for a free online ticket review. The new online program allows defendants, police and judges to resolve minor traffic violations by submitting their position online via the Online Parking/Traffic Ticket Review.

Request for Time to Pay

There are options for establishing a payment plan or an extension of time to pay.

Failure to Pay or Respond

If you fail to pay your ticket, appear at a hearing or abide by a judge’s order, a default judgment will be entered against you. If you believe a default judgment has been entered against you incorrectly, you must file a Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment (CIA04) (PDF) no later than 14 calendar days of the default judgment date and post a bond with cash or credit card (only) for the full amount of your ticket, including the default fee. You will be scheduled for a hearing, where you must present a defense as to why the default should be set aside.

Late Penalty

Fines, costs and fees not paid within 56 days of the appearance / due date are automatically assessed a 20% late penalty on the amount owed. Fines and costs not paid after 120 days will be turned over to a Collection Agency.

Vehicle Impoundment

Accumulation of six or more outstanding parking violations may also result in the vehicle being impounded. All outstanding fines, costs, vehicle towing and storage fees must be paid in full with secure funds before the vehicle will be released. Outstanding fines, costs and clearance fees are paid to the 54B District Court between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Vehicle towing and storage fees are paid to the City of East Lansing Treasurers Office located in City Hall. To obtain release of an impounded vehicle after 4:30 p.m., you must contact the East Lansing Police Department at (517) 351-4220 or appear at the police desk. If the vehicle was towed from a location on the Campus of Michigan State University, you must contact Michigan State University Department of Public Safety at (517) 355-2221 for more information.

A bench warrant may be issued for the arrest of the vehicle's registered owner or a person who had accepted responsibility in writing.