Types of Parking Tickets

Meter Offenses

Meters are in effect Mondays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. - 3 a.m., unless otherwise posted. Meters are not enforced on Sundays or on holidays. Hours of meter enforcement are posted on meters.

A $10 reduced rate for meter ticket violations are available for tickets paid by the end of the following business day. Options to pay the reduced rate include:
  • In person at 54B District Court
  • In a drop box
  • By credit card over the phone by calling the Parking Division at (517) 351-7022

Gated Lot Offenses

Gated lots are parking ramps or parking lots which have a parking booth/attendant for receipt of payment of parking fees. The fee for daily or hourly parking is paid to the attendant on duty or the U-Pay machine upon exiting the parking ramp or lot. When the attendant leaves for the night, a pay-later notice is left on the windshield of the vehicle, which is titled "Parking Notice." Instructions for payment are stated on the notice.

If you have any questions, or if you do not find a parking notice on your vehicle, you may contact the East Lansing Treasury Department for the amount due and instructions for payment. As stated on the payment notice, unpaid notices will be turned over to the District Court and a parking violation will be issued. You will be responsible for any parking and late fees assessed by the Court.

Private Property Offenses

Michigan statute does not require private parking signs to be posted on private property. The owner or agent of the property may request tickets to be issued and/or the vehicle to be towed from the premises for anyone parking on private property without the express consent of the owner or agent.

MSU Parking Offenses

Parking violations issued on the campus of Michigan State University are under the jurisdiction of the Michigan State University Parking Violations Bureau until jurisdiction is transferred to 54B District Court. If the ticket is not paid (and remains outstanding) it is transferred to 54B District Court for collection.