Probation Division

The Probation Division consists of the Presentence Division and Oversight Division and processes criminal cases as referred by the judges of 54B District Court.

Presentence Division

To set up an appointment for a presentence interview and/or a substance abuse assessment, please contact the Presentence Division at (517) 336-8635.

The fee for a substance abuse screening is $100. You are not required to bring any money on the date of your screening. This fee will be assessed by the Judge at your sentencing. An additional $25 penalty fee will be assessed if you fail to appear for your scheduled appointment.

Oversight Division

Probationers reporting in person are by appointment only. Probationers must speak with their assigned Probation Officer personally if they need to reschedule.

Appointments are made by contacting the Oversight Division at (517) 351-7026 or by contacting your assigned Probation Officer.

*If you were not sentenced to probation, verification of completed programs, community service and payments are sent to the attention of the Criminal Division. The Criminal Division also handles requests for extensions on non-probation matters.