Environmental Stewardship Program

Volunteer Work Day Volunteers

Volunteer Work Day Volunteer in the Winter

The East Lansing Environmental Stewardship Program involves the community in the restoration of the City of East Lansing's park biotic communities by removing problematic invasive plant species and replacing them with native species. The program also serves to share information with the community about different aspects of park ecosystems and how best to sustain them and implement them in their own front yards.

Upcoming Volunteer Work Days

A number of volunteer work days are scheduled throughout the year. Interested volunteers are encouraged to contact Heather Majano at (517) 319-6804 or by email to be added to a volunteer list serve. View Upcoming Volunteer Workday Schedule.

White Park Efforts

The City of East Lansing has partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Urban Forestry program to develop a Native Landscape Management Plan for White Park (PDF). The plan outlines a program for managing the forest and native ecosystems of White Park, through the utilization of volunteers from the Environmental Stewardship Program.


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